Generating Data to Advance Women’s Social and Economic Wellbeing

Implementation Agency: PCSW (lead) & BoS

Funding Partner: UNFPA


The objectives of the project are twofold:

  • To generate provincial and district level representative data on the economic and employment status of women in Punjab, establish a baseline for monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 8 to support policy actions based on the evidence generated. 
  • To model evidence-based and targeted interventions to enhance women’s empowerment in Punjab and to reduce their vulnerability to various forms of discrimination and exclusion.


The project has two components:

  • Provincially representative baseline data on the economic and social indicators for women in Punjab in line with Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 8.
    • A survey in 8 cities of Punjab with concentration of industry for an-depth investigation of women’s current status of employment in private sector as well as analysis of barriers for women’s equitable access to employment in private sector. Other surveys are: Women from minorities, Women with disabilities and male perception survey.
    • The Punjab Bureau of Statistics has outsourced specific survey components such as data collection or listing of households to other organizations, under its supervision to ensure quality standards are met.
  • Generate data through two surveys to be conducted by Punjab Bureau of Statistics:   
    • Strengthen the existing PCSW initiatives for economic and social empowerment of women as best practices and model two interventions: Employment Facilitation Hub for women and a Women’s Economic Incubator, in partnership with the private sector, to inform interventions in other provinces as well as policy in Punjab. These components will be supported with awareness and dissemination activities to create uptake of best practices and survey findings, as well as promote evidence based policy and planning.