Helpline Guide



What is Punjab Government Women’s Helpline and who can call? Top
A Toll-Free Helpline # 1043 has been established by the Governemnt of Punjab. Through all-female call centre executives and legal advisors, this facility provides guidance and legal advice to women all over Punjab facing problems related to harassment, property dispute, domestic violence, etc.  
What are the timings for the Helpline? Top
Helpline is operational from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM  
How much will it cost to dial the Helpline? Top
Calling from a landline number will be free of charge; however while calling from cellular companies will cost as per the package plan.  
What if I require any professional legal advice? Top
Helpline staff is trained and experienced to answer the queries or launch complaints. In case of further legal guidance is required, legal advisor is available to cater to the queries in the light of the current legal framework.  
Are there any charges for the legal advice? Top
Legal advisors are available for the helpline and assisting complainants free of cost over the phone.  
How can I speak to a Call Center Agent? Top
Upon dialing Helpline # 0800 933 72, caller will be asked to select the preferred language i.e. (English or Urdu). After language selection, the call will be transferred to an available agent. The caller can ask for guidance, help & information, in case of legal advice the call can be transferred to the available lawyer.  
Is my data protected with the helpline? Top
Data is protected at all times and will only be shared with concerned personnels.  
Do I need to have some information before calling the helpline? Top

It is always advice to have the following information handy:

  • Complainant Name
  • CNIC (or any other identity)
  • Address
  • Source of information
  • Precise summary of information required or lodge a complaint

Call Center agent will assist you and provide you relevant information or gather the information to lodge complaint.

Are there any particular complaints, or I can call for any matter? Top

Helpline will evaluate the nature of call and will advise in case a complaint needs to be lodged; however helpline is taking complaints such as:

  • Victim and survivor of violence
  • Gender base discrimination
  • Violation of basic human rights etc

Once the complaint is lodged, it is to be followed up by the government officials through advice from the Chairperson PCSW.