PCSW concluded Transitional Housing for Women project with a ceremony

Jun 27, 2018

Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) concluded its development scheme titled “Transitional Housing for Women” (THW) with a Ceremony convened at its office in Lahore on June 27th. At the occasion, Chairperson PCSW, Ms. Fauzia Viqar remarked that the achievements of women residents of the Transitional Home were beyond par; within the span of 1 year, they managed to transform their lives and are now economically independent, and able to provide for themselves and their children.

Speaking at the gathering, Director General, Social Welfare and Bait ul-Mall Department, Mr. Sajid Zafar Dal affirmed that THW proved to be a sustainable model for women’s economic and social wellbeing, and that the Department would try its level best to implement the model in all districts of Punjab.

Ms. Zainab Jafri, Project Manager acknowledged support received from Bali Memorial Trust, without whom resident women’s children would not have had recreational and educational opportunities. THW Champion women shared their journey towards economic and social empowerment. They expressed their gratitude to PCSW and the project teams, in ensuring their physical and mental well-being, and motivating them to achieve their personal goals.

THW was handed over to the Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal department, so that the model can continue to accommodate and empower women victims of violence. In future, quarterly monitoring visits have been planned to ensure that the shelter is operational as per the ethos of PCSW; in a gender sensitive manner, with due regard for women’s psycho-social and rehabilitative needs.