PCSW holds workshop to end violence against women

Oct 24, 2017

Workshop on state accountability

Call to eliminate violence against women

LAHORE: The Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) and Shirkat Gah Women's Resource Cen-tre (SGWRC) organized a workshop on State Accounta-bility, Due Diligence and Role of Civil Society in Eliminating Violence against Women on Tuesday. The training was con-ducted by International legal expert and trainer Zarizana Abdul Aziz and co-facilitated by DSP Punjab Police Aftab Ahmed, a press release re-vealed. The objective of this work-shop was to enhance under-standing of the international legal principle of state ac-countability to exercise due diligence through the "5Ps"- Prevention, Protection, Pros-ecution, Punishment and Provide Redress.

While giving opening re-marks, PCSW Project Man-ager Transitional Housing for Women Zaineb Jafri stated "PCSW is a strong proponent of due diligence, which holds state institutions accountable for human rights abuses com-mitted not only by the state or state actors, but also by non-state actors." She said the due diligence principle was a critical com-ponent for formulation of ac-countability mechanisms and this workshop highlighted the factors through which government and civil society organisation could work to-gether in eliminating vio-lence against women. Zarizana Aziz explained that historically, states had only been responsible for their own actions or those of their agents. However, Public International law was subse-quently developed to man-date States to exercise due diligence to promote and pro-tect human rights. Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Aftab Ahmed also provided his valuable input on process of investiga-tion and prosecution when handling sensitive cases of violence against women. The officials of Civil Soci-ety organizations and repre-sentatives of the commission, Women Development De-partment, Social Welfare & Bait ul Maal, Population Welfare Department, Health Depai tment, Prosecution De-partment, Punjab Women Parliamentary Caucus, Na-tional Commission for Human Rights, Punjab Forensic Science Agency and Office of the Ombudsperson participated the event.