Transitional Housing for Women

Transitional housing, sometimes called second stage housing, is envisioned as a residency program that includes support services and is designed as a bridge to self-sufficiency. The objective of setting up Transitional housing for women victims of violence across Punjab is to provide survivors of violence with safe and secure housing so that they are not forced to live in other substandard/unsafe conditions or return to their abusers.

Furthermore, the project aims to facilitate socio-economic self-sufficiency among survivors of violence. Residents will usually stay for a duration of six months to one year and, will be required to establish personal goals to work towards economic stability and independence.

The Project will provide housing to women who are fleeing from violence, along with protection and security from abuse and homelessness, and enable them to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, through provision of skill development opportunities, employment referrals, psychological counselling, and ancillary support such as childcare and child development programs.