How We Work

Mandate of the Commission is to ensure prevention of discrimination, redressal of complaints of violation of women’s rights and, promote gender equality by making government functionaries accountable. This objective is achieved through a strong network of focal persons in each district and provincial office and department across Punjab who is responsible for action and accountability within their institutions. Consequently, gender equality and removal of discrimination are institutionalized within these offices rather than being seen as the task of external bodies.

The Commission regularly collects data from all concerned departments and institutions to ensure compliance with Pakistan’s commitments. As such, PCSW provides regular input on instruments and obligations affecting women and girls including Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Beijing Platform for Action, International Conventions on Labor, the Sustainable Development Goals and others. Punjab Interim CEDAW report has been submitted by the PCSW in 2015 for addition to Pakistan’s state report.

What We Do

  • Monitoring
  • Strenghening Institutions 
  • Supporting Formation of Women's Caucus in the Punjab Assembly
  • Data Sharing and Integration
  • Advocacy

The PCSW 1043 Helpline

The Commission also manages and oversees a toll-free helpline launched on the 21st of August, 2014 by the Government of Punjab to

  • Provide information about women's rights and services
  • Provide advice and guidance to distressed women
  • Take complaints of lack of response/action by government functionaries in Punjab
  • Ensure an enabling environment for women in professional and domestic lives

While some standardized queries are answered instantly by the Call Centre experts, for many others we have a team of lawyers to address legal issues and guide women regarding their problems. For other matters, based on the nature and complexity of the query, the helpline promises to call back within a stipulated time period with a solution. Moreover, in case of complaints lodged by the caller, the details are recorded and forwarded to relevant government or private authorities for action and constant feedback is sought until the caller is satisfied and complaint successfully closed. Moreover, an efficient Quality Management System is in place to ensure in-built user feedback and satisfaction analysis capacity. A fully integrated IT system with advanced software is also built to integrate all the stakeholders and to transmit complaints to relevant government departments instantly.