Success Stories

PCSW combats workplace harassment

A resident of Rahim Yar Khan stated that she had been harassed and humiliated by a senior official. The complainant mentioned that she had been performing her job diligently since 2016 but was victimized by the abusive behavior and vulgar language of her senior. Further, he openly assassinated her character and unnecessary explanations were initiated to harass her. This led to her being unable to work. Upon complaining to the higher authorities, she was overburdened and transferred to another city. She submitted an application to relevant authorities but no relevant action had been taken instead she was pressurized to compromise and received threats of termination from the job. The complainant is an orphan who bears household financial responsibilities. With the Help of PCSW her harassment issue has been resolved and she is transferred back to Rahim Yar Khan and is very happy.

Employment Related Problems of a Complainant resolved by PCSW

A Complainant, Senior Head Mistress (BPS 18) in district Gujranwala, expressed her gratitude to PCSW for resolving her employment-related problems; specifically, suspended salary and station of posting. The Complainant highly appreciated the Commission's proactive role in pursuing and persistently following-up the matter to ensure timely redress to the Complainant.

Complainant Rescued from Violent Husband with the Help of the PCSW

PCSW successfully rescued a woman in Lahore from domestic abuse by coordinating efforts with district police officials in Lahore. Prior to PCSW’s intervention, local police had refused to register her complaint and take legal action, due to her husband’s influential position within Punjab Police. Following the intervention, the survivor shared that her husband repented and apologized for his violent behavior. A written deed of conditional compromise between the spouses were signed at PCSW office.

FIR Registered Against Influential Accused Persons, Due to PCSW’s Intervention

PCSW’s coordinated efforts with District Police Officer (DPO) and District Coordinating Officer (DCO), Tehsil Tunsa, District Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan), resulted in lodging of FIR and penalizing the accused, including termination of his employment in Government Elementary School, DG Khan. The Complainant accused a school teacher in Government Elementary School of sexual harassment and torture. Due to the accused person’s influence with local authorities, the complaint was not registered by the concerned tehsil police station. Due to inaction by local authorities, the complainant lodged a complaint with PCSW helpline (1043). Coordinated efforts at the district level resulted in penal consequences and termination of services of the accused.

Disabled Minor’s Rapist Held Accountable Due to PCSW’s Involvement

PCSW successfully aided registration of FIR against a man accused of raping a 14 year old disabled girl in Toba Tek Singh. The Complainant lodged a Complaint with PCSW helpline, and urgently requested help in registration of FIR, since local police refused to register FIR against the accused, due to his influence over local authorities in the district. However, subsequent to PCSW’s intervention and involvement of Secretary, School Education Department, DPO Toba Tek Singh and IG Police, Punjab, the FIR was successfully registered.

Kidnapped Girl Rescued Due to PCSW’s Rigorous Pursuit

A victim of kidnapping was recovered after her mother lodged a complaint with PCSW helpline (1043). The Complainant claimed that her daughter was kidnapped by her husband and brother-in-law, but local police in District Sahiwal was not cooperative and did not register FIR. Upon lodging of complaint with PCSW helpline, Chairperson PCSW referred the matter to DSP/SDPO Sahiwal, who pursued the case rigorously and recovered the kidnapped victim.

Manager, Working Women Hostel Lahore, Instructed to Follow SOPs and Exercise Legal Powers Only

Manager, Working Women’s Hotel, Lahore, was held accountable for taking unauthorized actions, due to PCSW’s intervention. The resident lodged a complaint with PCSW, since her room had been sealed by orders of the Hostel Manager when the resident left the premises to visit her ailing brother. Due to her room being sealed, she could not continue working. Following PCSW’s intervention, Director, Directorate of Women Development, instructed the Manager to strictly follow Hostel SOPs and not exercise illegal powers. Although the Complainant was also directed ‘not to create nuisance’, she is residing at the Working Women’s Hostel once again.