What is Job Asaan?


Job Asaan is an employment facilitation hub (EFH) which aims to create a safe space for women with higher education to seek career guidance, mentoring and soft skills trainings. With a specialist women-only staff, this hub will have dedicated personnel for job counseling and mentoring. EFH will also include a co-working space for its beneficiaries to avail basic technical services such as access to computers, printers and internet.

How can Job Asaan help you find a job?

Job Asaan can help you in:

  • Making professional CVs
  • Matching your profile with job ads from employers
  • Applying to jobs
  • Accessing Job Asaan's female-only co-working space

Who can apply to Job Asaan?

  • Female students or alumni of Colleges and Universities who have an intermediate degree or higher or 
  • Current female students enrolled in an intermediate degree or higher


Job Asaan's Services

CV Making
Job Asaan will help you make a professional CV. Job Asaan will set up a sign up event at your university where you can fill out a web form with details about your education, professional work experience and achievements etc. Once you sign up for Job Asaan, you can visit our office to get one-on-one counseling with our Career Counseling Officers to improve your CV.

Job Matching
Once Job Asaan is scaled up in a few weeks, subscribers will be given information about relevant jobs they can apply to on their online profile. Online job matches will help you narrow down your job search and find a job that is relevant to your skills and experience.

Job Application
If you decide to apply for a relevant job, your Career Counselors will help you through the job application process by ensuring that you are submitting all the documents required and that each document fulfills the requirement of the firm.