Are you, or someone you know, facing gender-based discrimination, harassment, or violence? Are you being denied your legal and constitutional rights? Do you want to know what services are available to you in your area? Do you want to make a complaint about a government functionary you approached?

The Punjab Women’s Toll-Free Helpline 1043 is available 24/7. Managed and supervised by PCSW, our helpline team comprises of all-women call agents, three legal advisors, phycho social counselor, supervisors and management staff to address your inquiries and complaints, and to provide psycho social counseling, on:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Gender discrimination
  • Property disputes and inheritance rights
  • Domestic violence
  • Hostels, day-care centres and other facilities for working women
  • Increased women's participation in government decision making bodies
  • Quota for women in public sector jobs
  • Skill development
  • Changes in employment policies
  • Various other socio-economic and legal issues
Call now at 1043 or register your complaint online at Online Complaint Registration or walk in.

Our team will record the complainant's details and forward your requests for action to relevant government or private authorities. Constant feedback is sought until the complainant is satisfied and complaint successfully closed.

For more detailed information on this service, refer to the pages Helpline Guide and General Inquiries.