Compliance with International Conventions

The Punjab Commission on the Status of Women has the mandate to facilitate and monitor implementation of international instruments and obligations affecting women and girls (See Section 9 of the Governing Law).

As a party to the core international human rights conventions, including CEDAW, ICCPR, ICESR and various UN Declarations, Pakistan has undertaken to uphold the universal human rights standards and their implementation. These instruments hold the State responsible for protecting the people of Pakistan from State and non-State actors while ensuring that individuals, groups and organs of the society are also able to pursue peaceful activism for the full realization of human rights without fear and hindrance.

Monitoring CEDAW

Pakistan ratified the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in March 1996, committing to implementation of all 16 articles of the Convention. 
So far Pakistan has submitted four reports. They can be downloaded from links below:

Punjab CEDAW Report

In February 2015, the Commission submitted Punjab Interim CEDAW Report on concluding observations 22 and 28 of the UN CEDAW Committee to the Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights in Islamabad. The report contains inputs and updates gathered from all the concerned departments and institutions of the Government of Punjab, as well as from civil society stakeholders. This report is to be included in Pakistan’s Interim State Report, due in March 2015.